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Convert Meter/second to Foot/second

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Meter per second

Definition: A meter per second (symbol: m/s) is an SI (International System of Units) derived unit of speed and velocity. It is defined as the distance traveled in meters divided by the amount of time taken in seconds. It is equal to exactly 3.6 kilometers per hour, approximately 3.2808 feet per second, and approximately 2.2369 miles per hour.

History/origin: The meter per second is a unit that was derived based on the SI units of meters and seconds. The unit benz, named after Karl Benz, a German engine designer and automobile engineer (and founder of the company that would eventually merge and produce the Mercedez-Benz line of automobiles) has been proposed as a named for one meter per second. Although this unit has seen some support, particularly in Germany, the unit benz was rejected as the SI unit of velocity.

Current use: As the SI derived unit of speed and velocity, the meter per second and its multiples are used widely within scientific contexts. The kilometer per second is also used when meters per second is too slow a measurement, such as in astronomical measurements and higher velocities. The kilometer per hour, and in some countries the mile per hour, are the preferred measurement of road speed.

Feet per second

Definition: A foot per second (symbol: ft/s) is a unit of speed and velocity that expresses the time taken in seconds to travel a specific distance in feet. It is equal to 0.3048 meters per second, the International System of Units (SI) derived unit of speed and velocity. It is also equal to 0.592484 knots and 0.681818 miles per hour.

History/origin: The foot per second is a measurement based in systems like the imperial and United States customary systems of units, where the foot is the preferred unit of length.

Current use: The foot per second is not widely used. The meter per second is the preferred measurement in scientific contexts, and either miles per hour or kilometers per hour are more common in everyday use for describing road speeds. The foot per second is also a relatively small unit of measurement making it difficult for use on a larger scale.

Meter/second to Foot/second Conversion Table

Meter/second [m/s]Foot/second [ft/s]
0.01 m/s0.032808399 ft/s
0.1 m/s0.3280839895 ft/s
1 m/s3.280839895 ft/s
2 m/s6.56167979 ft/s
3 m/s9.842519685 ft/s
5 m/s16.4041994751 ft/s
10 m/s32.8083989501 ft/s
20 m/s65.6167979003 ft/s
50 m/s164.0419947507 ft/s
100 m/s328.0839895013 ft/s
1000 m/s3280.8398950131 ft/s

How to Convert Meter/second to Foot/second

1 m/s = 3.280839895 ft/s
1 ft/s = 0.3048 m/s

Example: convert 15 m/s to ft/s:
15 m/s = 15 × 3.280839895 ft/s = 49.2125984252 ft/s

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